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Days to Clear GF Labeling


This site is a collaboration between the founders of 1in133.org, Jules Shepard and John Forberger, and the American Celiac Disease Alliance.

You Supporting This

Some people (maybe even the government?) think gluten free is a fad. They’re the ones who’ve never been sick, or watched helplessly as a loved one suffers the effects of gluten contamination.

It took a massive show of support from the individuals, organizations and companies that comprise our community to give us the visibility – the credibility – to raise our collective concern about gluten-free food labeling. Our work is not over.  Here are 3 ways you can help.

Donate now.

Please give in increments of $11.33; we recommend $11.33 for each of your family members who eat gluten free and would benefit from clear gluten-free labeling laws. To make your support public, and to be listed as an ACDA Sponsor, simply make a donation of $133 or more.

Donate Now

Spread the word.

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